The Founding
The Seven Holy Founders

The founding of the Servite Order began in Florence, Italy in 1233 with seven young Italian men: Bonfilius, Alexis, Amadeus, Hugh, Sostenes, Manettus, and Buonguinta. These men gave up their  belongings to live together in a small house and focus on their devotion to Mary, the Mother God. Later on, the seven established a hermitage at Monte Senario, Italy. Joined by other men, they became known as the Friar Servants of Mary.
The Order of the Friar of the Servants of Mary
In 1304, the OrMonte Senario, Italyder of Friar Servants of Mary gained official approval as a religious Order in the Catholic Church. Once fully established, the Order began to spread across Europe in the 1300s. Servite presence in America began in 1852 with Fr. Antoninus Grundner of the Tyrolese Province, who worked among German Catholics in New York City. The American Province was later established in 1909.

Today the Se
rvites are present in nearly all countries in North and South America and in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The Servites continue to serve where the needs of God's people exist. They still seek the perfection of the Gospel way of life under the protection of Mary, the Mother and Servant of the Lord.

The Sisters of the Servants of Mary
Sr. Juliana Falconieri joined the Servites upon the founding of the Orde
r and became the first superior of the Servants of Mary. She helped found the first convent in 1305.

In 1842, several women, led by Marie Guyot, founded a religious school for young girls in Cuves, France. The school and religious community grew over the years and was eventually integrated into the Servite Order in 1864.  The Sisters of the Servants of Mary have continued to spread their values, knowledge, and spirituality in their numerous religious and educational establishments throughout the world.